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viernes, 8 de enero de 2010

Are you talking to me?

Are you talking to me, I didn't hear what you said
Was that a word in your mouth, was that a thought in your head
Are you moving your lips, I can't hear any words
have you got something to say, was that a noise I heard
I still can't hear your voice, do you think I'm all ears
could you talk a little louder, cos' I still can't hear

Ahora me ha dado por el rosa uñas y rosa de lana, de chaqueta o de pantalones. No un rosa cualquiera, un rosa clarito,,,, muy clarito y único

I need some leggins as the one's from Kristen, with brown boots and a basic and comfortable t-shirt

Pd: I want to say 2 important things today:

1.- Need a sunny day like the one in the pic, cause my cold needs it, and misses it too.

2. Like so much this pink blackberry. Mobile phones make me go crazy.

With love,


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  1. Those braids are epic!!! and I want Kristen's pants too they look amazing! Love ur photos

    xx SAA


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