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domingo, 7 de marzo de 2010

Be free, doing what you want would be sufficient

I'm accustomed to u , ur a part of my life
I'm still waitin' every hour, your so close to my heart
If the worse comes to the worst , I'm gonna hold u
We walk through a world where nobody has been before
turn back the hands of time open every door

Hi! sorry for posting so late these days, i don't have enought time to do all the things i like (as always). These days i was thinking about new looks, new and different type of clothes from my daily style for going everywhere. I want to change a little bit my wardrove, and go crazy! find myself a bit more. I like to go shopping and enter to these kind of shops that have lots of things and you can find so nice accessories or clothes to combine with basics that you have. All these don't means i want to stop going to my favourite shops, probably the favourites of most of you: Mango, Zara woman and trf, h&m, River Island, ... What i have to do if i like the art of combining clothes? Don't stop combining, is so simple.
L*o*v*e y*o*u

5 comentarios:

  1. Combine combine mix mix... It's an art we create ourselves, don't be afraid:)!
    pésimo ingles no?x)
    te sigo.

  2. me encanta la primera foto y la de las modelos haciendo un breaking en el tejado. geniales :)
    me gusta tu blog, no lo conocía!
    Un beso ;)

  3. la penultima foto.la de la modelo sentada.
    sus botas!!!!(L) lo que yodaria por ellas..:(


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