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martes, 9 de febrero de 2010

Let's dance in style, lets dance for a while

Forever young, i want to be forever young

Do you really want to live forever, forever forever

This week i am so stressed, so many things happened to me and moreover i started some boring clases at 18h. I am hoping to have nothing to do, to be bored, to have headache because of so many time spent in front of the computer, and the most important thing, i'd love to have time to do some photos, redesign my nails and go to any spa. Thanksfully to the blog, i feel better after saying my worries every day...& Thank you all for reading it.
On the other hand... i'm so so happy, i have lots of clothes i've discovered today behind the amount of piles of clothes of my wardrove, and i'm hoping to wear these cold days. Pd: love my bb, and every day more, it has so many things to entertain when you have some time. :) nice week! love u!



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  1. em·avec·igrek, you have been awarded The Kreativ Blogger award! As they say "come and get it" and pass it on :)

  2. Hey!! Hope you feel better soon!! Love the picture with shoes!! They're gorgeous! xoxoxoo


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