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lunes, 11 de enero de 2010

If loving fashion is a crime, I plead guilty

Today.A very strange day. First of all, it's rainning and cold outside and i have had to go to university to do a horrible exam. Those ones that you know all about it and when you have it in front of you,,,,mmmm,,,, what are they asking me? what shoes am i going to buy when i will finish all these exams in a desirable future? o!.... time's passing,, well,,,,there's a lot of people doing this exam, well well, i have to concentrate, i've spent so many hours without sleeping with it, but,,,, it's so difficult. I don't understand how i continue passing all courses since now, so confused all. TImmeeee! Give your exams and stop writing. oh, god.

Bolsos, zapatos de ante con cuña, olsen obsesión, los botines burberry, ponerte todos los collares que tengas a la vez, ir toda de negro, enseñar un hombro, enseñar tus gustos, enseñar lo que te gusta.


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